Actor. Athlete. Composer. Pianist. Violinist. Violist. Director. Writer. Basketball Player. Archer. Boxer. Swimmer. Rapper. Horseback Rider. Footballer. Baseball Player. Dancer. Singer. Video Game Enthusiast. Prank Caller. Baker. Pizza Lover. Model who hates the camera. Beat Boxer. Bird Whistler. Taco Connoisseur. Celiac/Lactose Free Eater. Grandma's BestFriend  & Daddy's Worst Nightmare. 


English. Italian. A little bit of French. 10 words in German.

Agent/Agency: Christian Montanelli/Studio Segre

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photo by: Mauro Bonanni

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FANGS photoshoot in Piazza Navona
Yonv Joseph

FANGS photoshoot in Piazza Navona

An original web series written and directed by Yonv Joseph. 


Flaure B.B. Kabore, Jason Prempeh, Sidy Diop, Maverick Stone, Max Stone, Andrea Joseph, Greta Arditi, Pietro Sparvoli, Jonathan Silvestri, Elizabeth the Violin, Mr. Flops, Yonv Joseph with Claudio Santamria

A Muvlab Srl production

Nicolò Chiodin

DOP: Jamie Robert Othieno

Premiers September 26, 2021 on YouTube and Vimeo


Carebonara poster.jpeg

As the lead alongside Italian megastar, Claudio Santamaria, Yonv portrays the American soldier, Private Robbins, in the wildly successful short movie by Barilla and Alchemy "Carebonara". Not only did the film revolutionize advertising, but it has gone on to win multiple awards and is linked to Food for Soul, an organization that has pledged to feed 1 million people by the end of 2021.


Directed by: Xavier Mairesse 

Penny on mars