BISHOP takes you on one of the dopest journeys you'll ever hear in this captivating podcast. As an American violinist/pianist living in Rome, Italy, Bishop finds himself in a world where cultures collide and where he engages in absurd and often comical arguments on: love, religion, relationships, children, ocassionally being locked in elevators and so much more.

Script & Sound Design
Yonv Joseph

Yonv Joseph as Bishop/Driver -
Marques J. Brantley as Marques -
Nadia Rahman as Jessica/Waitress -
Flaure BB Kabore as May -
Timothy Martin as Charles, Father Martin & Father
Jason Prempeh as Jason -
Allison Eikerenkoetter as Mother

Bustah Beats -
Erik Satie
Claude Debussy

Epidemic Sound -
Freesound -
Soundbible -


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