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A Silent Place

Not everyone will speak, I'm not even sure that everyone should. Perhaps, some don't know how to accurately and or eloquently express themselves, or maybe some are fine where they are and how things are. Whatever the case may be, history has shown us our allies, history has shown us that we are not alone in this fight - well, maybe during certain long intervals we are, but still...I mean, eventually, someone shows up.

Those that are truly with us will be with us, through andthrough, until our goal has been reached. They will not have to be coerced, made to feel guilty, asked, invited or compensated. They will never ask for anything in return because they have come to understand the urgency of the matter, they understand the value of human life, they understand that all lives can't matter if black lives don't.

They, we, understand that it takes more than a few protests, signs and t-shirts to make a difference. They, we, understand that traveling down this road will include loss, sacrifice, pain, stress and singing F The Police while still censoring themselves; I mean, we're cool and all but - bruh.

My agenda is not to excoriate those who are silent, but to simply say "what's up?" to those that stood, marched, fought and perservered alongside us. My agenda isn't to say that using "All Lives Matter" as a response to "Black Lives Matter" is the equivalent of losing one of your children at the mall and reconciling it by saying, "It's cool, I've got two more." I mean, to hell with that kid, right? Christmas just got less expensive.

My agenda, again, is simply to say "what's up?" and continue to move forward with those willing.

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